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Syndicate Jazz Band

Xerox-Rochester International Jazz Festival, The Big Tent, Rochester, NY


Concert on the Lawn

Jazz90.1 FM Radio/Greece Olympia School, 1139 Maiden Lane, Greece, NY


in the Big Tent

Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

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The Syndicate Jazz Band is always looking for qualified musicians to perform with us. From time to time players move on to other projects or are unavailable for a rehearsal or a performance. Consequently, we are always in need of substitute players to fill in when an absence occurs. If you would like to participate please contact us.

Auditions are not required, per se, however, good reading skills are necessary. Improvisation skill is not essential but it is helpful. We would be happy to have you attend a rehearsal to sit-in with the band. 

Once accepted as as substitute player, you are welcome to attend rehearsals any time in order to familiarize yourself with our repertoire. Just notify us ahead of time that you will attend rehearsal.