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Syndicate Jazz Band

Xerox-Rochester International Jazz Festival, The Big Tent, Rochester, NY


Concert on the Lawn

Jazz90.1 FM Radio/Greece Olympia School, 1139 Maiden Lane, Greece, NY


in the Big Tent

Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

Chuck Dye - Guitar

Like so many other players, I started playing the guitar after seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.  I became interested in jazz after discovering my father’s LP collection.  I discovered Bucky Pizzarelli, George Van Eps, and 7-string guitars in 1970.  In 2005 I was finally able to buy one, and have been playing the 7-string ever since, mostly in small groups.  I joined the Syndicate Jazz Band (formerly the GRJO) in 2015, which revived my interest in the Count Basie Band and his great guitarist, Freddie Green.

During the day, I am the Director of Human Resources for Wayne County.

Thomas Phillips - Piano

Tom Phillips

Thomas Phillips is a musician that considers himself blessed to have been born in the age of the pianoforte. He has been studying the piano for the majority of his life.

Gary Terwilliger - Bass

Greg Gascon - Drums