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Syndicate Jazz Band

Xerox-Rochester International Jazz Festival, The Big Tent, Rochester, NY


Concert on the Lawn

Jazz90.1 FM Radio/Greece Olympia School, 1139 Maiden Lane, Greece, NY


in the Big Tent

Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

John Kolody - Lead Trumpet

Joe Cappadonia (aka: Capp) - Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Marvin Miner - Trumpet

Marv has been playing trumpet since 1979. As a youth, he studied at the Eastman Community Music School with Tom Drake, RPO & STL Symphony; Dick Jones, RPO; and Sue Brown, Penfield Symphony. He was selected multiple times to play first trumpet with the NYSSMA all-state, area all-state and all-county bands, chorus and orchestra in his youth. His primary training was in orchestral and classical music and went on to major in Music Education at the Crane School of Music where he studied trumpet with Dr. James Madeja, 1987 - 1988. He played first trumpet with the Crane School of Music Symphonic Band.

During the 1990s he pursued a career in aviation and earned his FAA Commercial Pilot license. He graduated from the United States Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training fighter/bomber track in the T-38 Talon supersonic fighter/trainer.  He currently plays lead trumpet with Prime Time Brass, sings tenor with the Rochester Oratorio Society and works full-time in the data networking field. He rejoined the Syndicate Jazz Band in 2017, first playing with the group 2010-2012 under the Greater Rochester Jazz Orchestra name.  


Alan Chard - Trumpet